6 things students should know about clinical trials

Students these days are faced with higher fees for courses and accommodation – and thats before you factor in the rising cost of beer! As a result, more of them are looking for part-time work and other ways to make some quick cash. One thing that can bring in good money fast, is taking part in clinical trials. There are risks associated with trials and here are six things you should know before you sign up.

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Good rate of pay

With rates of pay of up to 100 a day for paid research studies, and some trials lasting for weeks, you can see how it might appeal.

Its safer than you might think

Although these treatments havent been used on humans before, they have been researched for years and undergone scrutiny before they get to the stage of clinical trials. Scientists are pretty sure there will be no problems by the time theyre at this stage.

You need to be healthy to take part

At the earliest stages of these trials, only healthy subjects are accepted. Youd be more likely to be accepted if you didnt smoke or drink, too. You will be given a medical when you apply.
If you have a chronic condition, its still worth applying to companies like trials4us.co.uk as there may be a study that needs someone like you.

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Theres no danger money

Or you wont get paid more because of an increased risk in the trial. Rates of pay are linked to how often you must attend and how long the trial lasts.

You might not have to take the drug

Because most trials include a placebo, you might not be taking anything at all. If its a blind trial you wont know, http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/health-and-families/placebo-pills-work-no-medication-know-even-treatment-study-harvard-basel-a7969716.html, and neither will the people conducting the trial, but its possible you could get paid for taking sugar pills. Be warned though, there might be needles!

There will be risk

No matter how safe the trials are, theres no escaping there is some element of risk. You can rest assured that the scientists design them to be as safe as possible and there are governing bodies who keep an eye on everything that goes on.

Clinical trials can be a simple way to make some money, but be sure you keep this information in mind before you sign up.

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