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muscle definition
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Everyone wants to be defined.Having a lean physique, defined, is a common target for those who make sport.

Help people get a lean physique is part of my job.I work as apersonal trainerfor many years and I assure you that to get the desired results, the components are few but safe:exercise, proper nutrition, method and perseverance.Because with the exception of those few who have on their side a fortunate genetic component, for normal people, those just described are the components on which to rely.

Another exception have supplements that of all those unnecessary, there are some really excellent that will help you in your goal.

This is a photo from the summer travel after a 3 month period in which I have given attention to the points …

But it’s time to go to practice.

muscle definition
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Measured body composition!

First we need to understand ourbody compositionand initial measure it every week, to see if our diet and our training is bringing the desired results.

If you are losing body fat, water, muscle mass, etc.

We all know that whencalories taken(what you eat) exceed calories burned, body weight increases.The same applies to the weight loss.But we have to understand when we are in a low-calorie diet if you are losing kg “right”, or borne fat tissue and not muscle, otherwise we should go in and fix our diet or training plan.

Be very careful to diets too low calorie,will make you lose weight, but at the expense of all, fat and muscle, this is a situation that we must avoid.

If we do not destroy ourmetabolism(the cause why then people once transmitted to grow fat diet more than before) we have to be up to the loss of lean mass.

Determine the required daily calories

After measuring body composition, it is necessary to determine thecalorie needs, your total daily energy expenditure which is in fact influenced by body composition.More muscle we have, the higher the metabolic rate.You understand how important it is to train well and preserve your muscles?

Your total daily energy expenditure consists of three components:

Basal metabolic rate(BMR): This is the minimum amount of energy to sustain body functions in the waking state.
Cost of exercise(TEE): This includes the energy expended during daily activities including your workouts.
Thermic effect of food(TEF): This is the energy consumed by digestion, absorption of food this article is too short to explain the detailed calculations required to obtain these values, are calculations that analyze directly with my clients.

But I can write two simple formulas.

To determine yourBMR:
Men: lean body mass in pounds x 12.5 = BMR
Women: lean body mass in pounds x 11 = BMR

To determine yourTEE, assuming you train in the gym, take the number 0086 and multiply by the number of minutes of weightlifting x your weight in kilograms.This will give you in the approximation, the number of calories you are burning in the gym.

I’m not going to include theTEFin our calculations to simplify a bit all.

Assumenete quality protein

Are you noticing that I am not talking about low-carbohydrate but high protein content?Thecarbohydrates are essentialfor the maintenance of lean body mass, not eliminate them.Low-carb diets are great, but we are focusing on getting a lean physique while keeping all the lean body mass, so let’s focus on the benefits of a high protein diet.

First, ahigh protein diethelps to reduce a lot the sense of appetite.

The protein also in higher thanthe thermal effect.This means that it takes more energy or calories to digest protein than it takes to fat or carbohydrates.

Some studies have shown that up to 30% of calories coming from protein are lost as heat in the digestion process.

The protein sources include all animal products such as meat and dairy products, and variety of plant sources.

Adjust the calories according to the changes of your body composition.

You must balance your cardio exercise, anaerobic training and the calories consumed.You need tomonitor the fat and lean mass, and you need to compare the images of yourself during this time.

The cardio workout burns calories fast.If you want to eat a little more, do more cardio and vice versa.If you are preserving your lean body mass and fat are decreasing, you’re correct.Here is the center of everything.

Let’s write a small scheme that will help you a lot …

After you understand your caloric needs, train and do cardio for a week, after which you measure your body composition.

  • Problem: You lose lean body mass and a bit ‘of body fat (it all went down!).
    Solution: Increase the calories by 100-200 a day and check back in a week.
    Decrease the cardio.
  • Problem: The fat increased and the muscle remained the same or increased
    Solution: Reduce the total daily calories by 300-500 a day.
    Double-check everything in a week.Increase cardio.
  • Problem: Muscle and fat remained the same – no change
    Solution: Reduce the total daily calories by 300 per day.
    Recheck all in a week.
  • Problem: Lean mass remained the same, and the fat was down.
    Solution: Continue with what you’re doing.
    Check back in four or five days.

It may seem boring at first, but once you set things right at the beginning of your path, then everything will be more linear and simple.

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