How owning a pet can bring you companionship in older age.

It goes without saying that we are almost predetermined to go through our lives looking to share them with someone or something. One of these things is increasingly becoming a Pet. This seems to be especially true when we reach our senior years. When we pass the age of 65, the need for exercise and companionship is undoubtedly one of the new priorities we find ourselves entering into.  The emotional support that a cuddly pet can bring to us is almost immeasurable. What benefits can the ownership of a pet bring to our lives in our twilight years?

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First of all, a pet can bring an improvement to and also help to maintain your health.  This is most definitely true when it comes to the heart, which, given the amount of use you’ve had out of it, you certainly need to look after it. A pet is proven to get you out and about, moving to play with it, pet it and generally see to all of its needs. In response, it will reward you with love, affection and devotion. It’s been proven that pets help to lower your blood pressure and get you out walking. It can also help to alleviate depression and to help the feelings of loneliness that many people in old age can start to suffer with.

When you are the owner of a pet, it leads to more social interaction as well. Take the dog out for a walk or a Cat to a cat show, and you will soon start to get other owners and like-minded individuals to start talking to you. Ownership of a pet is an excellent way to cross the age gaps as well. You will find the shared experience of owning a pet a great way to bond with someone and start up a conversation. It’s a great way to start a possible new friendship. 

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One of the lesser factors of pet ownership is replacing the structure that your early life afforded you. When we are working, studying and raising children, there are places that we have to be and situations that we have to manage. When retirement comes and we are left to our own devices, it can be unsettling. How will we spend the time now that so much of it is free? With the ownership of a pet, some of that structure can come back into your life. When they have a walk, exercise, and bedtime, this routine can become a great relief to those who are missing the organisation they once had.

It doesn’t even need to be an active animal like a Dog. Studies have shown that simply watching fish in a tank is enough to reduce blood pressure and create a feeling of well being. It’s certainly something that the owners and residents of Gloucestershire Park Homes can testify to. Pets are certainly welcome at Gloucestershire Park Homes and even encouraged.

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