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The Irish town of Bunclody has seen a few changes in its time. One of those changes has been its name. It was called Bunclody, literally meaning “the bottom of the Clody (Slaney river) until the 17th Century. It then had its name changed to the anglicised Newtownbarry. However, after independence, it was changed back to its rightful original name. If you should visit the town, you should be prepared to take lots of photos. As most of us use our phones for this nowadays, it’s a good idea to use Vodafone Bunclody via to make sure that yours is working ok.

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The town is famous for being a crossing point for several counties of Ireland. Its strategic importance is shown by the battle that happened there in 1798. Desperate to remove the English from their shores, the Irish rebelled. The rebellion was suppressed, but the resentment lived on for centuries afterwards.

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Given its location next to the river Slaney, water sports are a massive part of the town’s visitor income. Everything from canoeing, kayaking, and boating is available. The locals spend as much of their time in a wetsuit as they do in working clothes.

One of its most picturesque parts is the canal that runs through the centre and the little tributaries from it throughout the town. It’s well worth leaving the hustle and bustle of Dublin up the road to take a restful few hours there.


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