Laser hair removal, forget the hair this summer

One of the issues that most concern when summer comes and the warm months is waxing. Increasingly methods at our disposal to remove hair from the body, either temporarily or forever, and we are doubts and questions about each of them. Is it right for me? Will it hurt? It is suitable for my skin type? We talk about laser hair removal and other methods of hair removal for legs look this summer.

Laser Hair Removal: almost definitive solution

Among the methods of hair removal or body hair removal through a beam of light, laser hair removal is the longest among us: he came in the 90s with the Laser Ruby, and has been developing and improving over time up to the current method. Laser hair removal uses a beam of monochromatic light, in several sessions; it allows us to get rid of hair from different parts of our body almost permanently.

Laser hair removal

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The laser acts directly on melanin, the pigment that gives color to our hair and our skin, so it works well on light skin with dark hair. After investigations, improvements and the emergence of new types of lasers such as Laser Diode, the results have also improved for people with dark skin and light hair.

Pulsed light hair removal: suitable for all skin types

A newer technique is photoepilation the pulsed light, born in 1994 and approved by the Food & Drug Administration in 1997. This type of hair removal is suitable for all skin types and hair, and effective in all cases. Pulsed light hair removal uses a beam of polychromatic light moving in all directions. It is effective, but more likely than laser hair removal to cause burns and irritation.

Sometimes you can use the technique of hair removal with pulsed light with radio frequency, a new technique created in 2004 that solves the problems of irritation and burns use a less intense light.

How should we prepare your body before photoepilation?

The first thing to do is go to the consultation of an expert to advise us what is the method of hair removal ideal for us and what areas we can use. Through a simple little test, the professional can determine your skin type and choose the most suitable method for not dangerous for us.

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In the days before the appointment for hair removal is important that we avoid sunbathing or use self – tanners to maintain the natural color of our skin and the laser or pulsed light hair can recognize and act on melanin correctly. During the 15 days of the waxing session must avoid sunbathing directly in the area or go it alone with a total sunscreen. In addition, during the duration of depilation treatment we cannot use other methods that remove hair from the root as tweezers, waxing or electrolysis.

Laser hair removal pulsed light or are very safe techniques: side effects are minimal, as long as we put in the hands of professionals.

The duration and number of sessions depends on the area to be treated: for smaller as the upper lip or underarm areas sessions are very short, about five minutes, while for larger as areas can being the legs or torso can last up to an hour.

Laser hair removal pulsed light or not usually painful, although this also depends on sensitivity to pain of each patient. We may feel some discomfort at some point, as If we hit a rubber band against your skin, but this momentary calm feeling is instantly thanks to the cooling system of the machines. When a patient has pain threshold too low may need an anesthetic cream applied before treatment and completely eliminates any unpleasant feeling. To know more click here

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