Comparison between Etizolam and other drugs (effects and side effects)

Etizolam’s action time is short.Even compared with other anxiolytic drugs, it has strong anxiolytic, hypnotic and muscle relaxant activities, it can be said to be a high risk / high return medicine.

Various types of anti-anxiety drugs are on sale.Let’s compare.

There are two points in comparing anti-anxiety drugs.

  • Action time (maximum blood concentration arrival time / half life)
  • Strength to the four actions (anti-anxiety, hypnosis, muscle relaxation, anticonvulsant)

Let’s compare these two points with commonly used benzodiazepine anxiolytics.

First of all, the type is divided according to the action time.We will estimate the action time by looking at the peak (maximum blood concentration arrival time) and half-life.

Action time can be divided into 4 types from short-acting type to super long-acting type.

For short time to intermediate type, we often use it expecting immediate effect. On the other hand; the super long-time type is a medicine that makes a foundation that calms down as a whole by continuing to drink.The long-term type is located in the middle, you can expect immediate effect, and you can also calm anxiety by continuing drinking.

Differences in side effects due to action time,

  • The shorter it is the more dependent
  • The longer the drug is accumulated in the body, the more drowsiness and dizziness are likely to occur

We can say that.

From the patient’s anxiety state, we will consider what anxiolytic drugs are appropriate for the duration of action.On that basis, we will compare the strength of action and choose.

In the short-time type, It is found that Etizolam >> Liese> Grand Dixin.Etizolam is strongly hypnotic and may also be classified as a sleeping pill.In addition, it has strong muscle relaxant action, so it is also used for stiff shoulders etc.

In the intermediate type, It is found that Lexotan> Wiipax > Solanax / Constan.Both are strongly anxious and are also used for anxiety attacks.Lexotan has strong muscle relaxant action.

In the long-time type, it is Ribotri / Landsen> Cepazon, Celsin / Horizon.Selsin / Horizon have an injection.When you cannot take medication, muscle injection is effective.

In the very long time type, it is Restas> Meirux.This type has a very long action time.For this reason, it takes time to get out once a side effect comes out. Therefore, the Meilux who has a gentle side effect is more commonly used.

In addition to this, many anti-anxiety drugs are on sale.Although frequency decreases considerably, we think that some people are taking it.

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