How to consume soybeans? And for what benefits?

Raw, the soybeans are not consumable, it is even toxic. That’s why she always arrives transformed in our plates. Tofu, juice, miso, tempeh … discover soy in all its forms.

Popular with vegetarians and vegans, soy has become a trend food in the West. If it was first known for its sprouted seeds, ultra presents in our salads, it also seduces today in juice, milk, flakes …

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  • Tofu (firm, silky, lacto-fermented)
  • The tempeh
  • Soybean juice (tony)
  • Soybean juice (tony)

Here we explain how to consume soybeans and benefits

Tofu (firm, silky, lacto-fermented)

What’s this? Soybean juice coagulated (thanks to magnesium chloride) then drained and pressed to obtain a pasty texture more or less smooth (firm for the farm, creamy for the silky). The lactofermented is fermented with selected bacteria, which allows changing its taste.soybeans

What nutritional particularities? High-quality protein (12-15 g / 100 g), low in fat and carbohydrates, low in calories (120 to 150 kcal / 100 g). More aqueous (less pressed), the silky tofu is slightly less rich in nutrients and micronutrients, and less caloric. The lactofermented tofu, in addition, contains bacteria that are good for the microbiota.

How is it consumed? Spread, mixed with herbs; in cubes, strips or slices seasoned and pan-fried then combined with vegetables or starchy foods; in a device for blanks (lengthened with juice). Continue reading: 8 Foods eat to lose weight

The tempehsoybeans

What’s this? A specialty fermented soybeans, nature or smoke.

What nutritional particularities? Similar to tofu, probiotics and more.

How is it consumed? Fried, wok cooked and then eaten in pieces instead of meat or fish; finely chopped, added to quiches or flans.

Soybean juice (tony)soybeans

What’s this? A drink obtained from seeds soaked, crushed, mixed with water and then cooked.

What nutritional particularities? No lactose, no cholesterol. But without calcium too, unless enriched. Attention, sometimes sweet!

How is it consumed? Instead of animal milk for all salty and sweet preparations. Yogurts and desserts cream come from it.

Soy cream

What’s this? Soymilk with added vegetable oils and texture agents.

What nutritional particularities? Lactose-free, cholesterol free and rich in unsaturated fatty acids.

How is it consumed? In replacement of the classic cream.

Soy flakessoybeans

What’s this? Soybeans steamed, flattened and toasted.

What nutritional particularities? Gluten-free.

How is it consumed? In patties, terrines, soups, but also at breakfast.


What’s this? Fermented soybean paste, very dense.

What nutritional particularities? Rich in probiotics beneficial to the gut microbiota. Very dirty.

How is it consumed? In small quantities, of the order of half a teaspoon for a bowl, in broths, soups … To be added at the end of cooking to preserve its enzymatic richness.

Soy saucesoybeans

What’s this? A thick liquid obtained after roasting, grinding, fermentation and prolonged salting, then filtering of soya beans alone (tamari) possibly associated with wheat seeds (shoyu).

What nutritional particularities? Very salty.

How is it consumed? In seasoning.

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