Residence and Care Options For the Elderly

Choosing where to live is an especially important decision — whatever stage of life you are in. There are some reasons to research residence options for the elderly: you might have aging parents, you may be approaching your senior years or perhaps you want to plan way ahead. Here are some ideas to consider as you look at care for the disabled or elderly.

Adult Foster Care

Many individuals choose to stay in their own residences as long as possible. When you no longer have the ability to safely live by yourself, at home care Massachusetts is a great alternative. Adult foster services and benefits are available when a caregiver other than your spouse lives in your home with you. It might be one of your children, grandchildren or someone not related. They will prepare meals, clean your house and also look after your personal needs. 

Live With Someone Else

Some elderly parents live in one of their children’s homes. They are able to receive help from their family and still be in a personal setting. This can be difficult to make all the necessary adjustments, but for many, it is worth being flexible.

Assisted Living

Individual apartments with a shared dining room service, group activities and on-site medical staff can be a good choice. Many enjoy the companionship of their neighbors as they play games, take group trips to the mall or even watch a movie together. 

Skilled Nursing Facility

If you need medical oversight throughout the day, then a skilled nursing facility may be the best option. Many times, you can be treated right there at the care center rather than going to a hospital. There are group activities and meals that help with socialization. 

Whether you are making decisions for yourself or for a family member, it is important to visit each location you are considering. Feeling comfortable in your living environment is so important to your overall health.

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