Earn More Money as a Cosmetologist

Cosmetology is an exciting field to be a part of. You get to help people feel their best all day long. There are many services that you can offer your clients, and if you are interested in increasing your revenue, you might want to add new ones. Consider these three ways that you can make more money working in your dream job.

Eyelash and Eyebrow Services

Eyelash and eyebrow care is all the rage these days, so get in on a piece of this pie! You can offer eyebrow waxing or threading, and you can also offer eyelash extension services. Some cosmetology programs may include this as part of the curriculum. If not, you can always attend eyelash extension training Long Island NY.

Nail Care Service

Why not let clients get a new nail color while they are changing their hair color? You can either hire a manicurist to come on as part of your team, or you can learn how to offer nail services yourself. You can offer a full makeover that includes hair styling, eyebrow/eyelash care and a manicure and pedicure.

Product Sales

While you are styling your clients’ hair, you are likely using a whole arsenal of different hair products. After all, you know what formulas work best for different hair types. You can offer your expert advice about hair care, and you can sell products that help clients meet their hair goals. Just imagine how much more revenue you would bring in if you were able to sell just one product to each customer.

Take your love of cosmetology and turn it into a rewarding venture. There are countless ways to make extra money in this field; sometimes you just have to get creative. Consider what your long-term cosmetology career goals are, and start taking steps to meet them today.


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