Five Advantages Of Engagement Rings And How You Can Make Full Use Of It

There are several advantages to custom-made engagement rings. For starters, you can control every component of the ring. It is also unique and affordable. Custom-made rings like that of Moissanite wedding bands are also much more unique than mass-produced ones, so you can easily customize them to fit your partner’s finger size. Here are some of the other advantages of custom-made rings:

Custom-made rings allow you to control every component of your ring

Whether a diamond, gemstone, or metal, you can design every component of a custom-made engagement ring. This type of ring will have a custom look that will evoke strong emotions. Your ring will be unique and created with the highest quality metal and stone. In addition, you can choose the shape, size, and style and ensure that it’s perfect for your partner.

Pre-made rings are usually made of classic fine jewelry materials. However, a custom ring can be made from any material, including a variety of modern materials, striking colored gemstones, and alternative metals. You can even design the center stone’s shape if you want. Depending on your budget, you can choose a different metal for the side stones or make the ring with your partner’s favorite gemstone.

Engagement rings are affordable

Affordable engagement rings can be a good choice if you don’t have a large budget. If you plan to propose to your partner but don’t have the funds yet, you can look for diamond alternatives. Placeholder engagement rings are also available to save your money. The different styles are available at Nexus Diamond. And they’re as beautiful as diamond rings! So, how can you make the best use of engagement rings because they’re affordable?

An excellent way to find an engagement ring that fits your budget is to calculate how much money you spend each month. This way, you’ll know how much you can save up for the ring. Most financial experts agree that financing an engagement ring is not a good idea. However, earning six figures a year, you should spend around $10-$15k for the ring. Also, consider your partner’s taste and style to find the perfect engagement ring.

Engagement rings are beautiful

While diamonds are the most common gems in engagement rings, many women prefer other gemstones. Ruby is popular because of its lustrous red color and rare durability. But not all diamonds are created equal. Despite their durability and beauty, emeralds are often misunderstood as old-fashioned. Opals are an attractive alternative to diamonds.

Another gemstone you can select for your engagement ring is topaz. The gemstone is an eight on the Mohs scale, making it one of the most expensive metals. However, its clarity and color are exemplary. It looks stunning when set in a bohemian or baroque style. Unlike other gemstones, topaz has a fantastic color range and luxury clarity. It tends to be a bit cloudy, but it’s beautiful nonetheless.

Engagement rings are unique

There are many engagement rings, and some are even more unique than others. A classic round cut is one of the most popular, which exudes class, strength, and longevity. It can complement any setting, from a simple solitaire to a multi-stone halo. A round cut also looks great with a halo, so choose a cut in the I, J, or K range for maximum shine. Consider a haloed or throwback cut or a combination of different shapes for a vintage-inspired style.

You can also use colored gemstones to create an engagement ring with a modern romantic flair. Colorful metals work well with gemstones of light colors, such as amethyst, while lustrous stones like opal, ruby, or blue topaz will make a statement. These unique options will make your engagement ring a true conversation piece. This will make her feel special and happy about your decision, and your relationship will be even more beautiful!

Engagement rings are simple

Despite their simplicity, engagement rings look stunning. Of course, you don’t need diamonds to be attractive – simple engagement rings have an endless number of designs. Instead, focus on the restrained use of gemstones and clean lines. In addition, these rings are often solitaires. If your fiance doesn’t care about style, go for a simple design without diamonds. Your new engagement ring will be an instant conversation piece.

A solitaire diamond engagement ring may also contain more stones. One of the ways to increase the sparkle is to add a few smaller stones on either side of the main stone. Other popular styles include three stone rings. They help keep the focus on the main stone. An added stone may represent an important event in her life, such as her birthday. These rings are also more affordable than diamonds. Therefore, you can get a diamond engagement ring with a small price tag.

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