3 simple rules to be more satisfied

Everyone has come to stumble upon actually unbelievably simple problems or to try to develop complex solutions that themselves become fatal traps. Of course, knowing how to distract in life is not easy and getting to enjoy your way in full for many is an impossible task.

Einstein said that not all measurable things are important and not all important things are measurable.At the bottom of life we ​​do not look so much for success, love, a job that pleases us, valuable objects and luxury homes, as well as the emotions that each of these factors is able to make us live.But there is a problem:less we know our emotional reality and our real needs and the more we will tend to seek out our happiness outside.

In this way we become victims of a phenomenon called hedonistic adaptation.Translated in simple terms means thatwe adapt very quickly to the pleasure that we have from a specific conquest and therefore we go immediately to look for another.”It’s not enough for you” could be the phrase that summarizes this condition.

When dissatisfaction is ambushed, inevitably we pass on the temptations of immediate fulfillment and well-being given by food, alcohol, smoking or drugs.

The mere willpower becomes very little in the face of the need to compensate for dissatisfaction.Just as you do not need to know rationally that you are likely to generate a long-term problem.

What do we need to start out to start creating those emotions that keep us happy and happy?How can we enjoy the beautiful things that life offers us without becoming succubi?

Taking pleasure from everything but not having anything is the condition that makes us really happy.

Paradoxically modern man is in need of everything without being able to enjoy anything from it.We complain of children who take time away, but then we cry when they go home.We want the sports car, but it hurts me to consume so much.We want a special home, but then we are tired of having to take care of it.

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The society of which we are both victims and artisans has hypnotized and led us to believe that happiness is something impossible and that the only thing left to us is to give us the momentary pleasure caused by the possession of some kind Of object.It’s like continuing to take a painkiller to buffer a symptom without ever going to cure the cause.It is like anesthetizing and living in sedation to feel less fear, insecurity and anxiety.

But if you are here and if you are reading this article obviously your intention is to move, go further and move on to action.

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Here are three steps from which you can start …

1. Pass time in isolation

Only by getting rid of the narcotic flock and rediscovering his values, his emotions come to understand how to satisfy the deeper and true needs.Isolating and staying in nature can be very helpful in reducing the background noise that distracts us and makes it difficult to make any choice.In isolation, things are counting up.Isolating means of course also getting away from phone and email.

2. Rebuild your body

The body and mind live in symbiosis.Work on the body can produce tremendous results on the mental plane.Physical strength corresponds to a higher degree of mental strength.Being more agile leads to making decisions more loosely and fluidly.Exercising regularly creates a new balance of neuro-transmitters and hormones that affect our behaviors and the degree of perceived satisfaction.

3. Write how thankful you are

Gratitude is a therapeutic feeling that improves mood and reduces fear, anger and pain.Being grateful enough to see the half full glass helps us find meaning even for the things that are at first glance negative.Writing stabilizes and amplifies our emotional states and allows us to transform something transient and ephemeral into a clearer and more profound feeling.Writing every day at least three things you’re grateful can helpchangeyour mood.

Every elderly person I meet tells me that life is very short.Yet many of us live with such unconsciousness and superficiality that it seems that for them it must be eternal.Living well requires a magical mixture of lightness and depth that is exactly the opposite of the tendency to the superficial heaviness that is so often observed today.Try to make a difference!

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