Everything About Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, is a condition where people grind their teeth at night or during the day. However, bruxism mostly happens at night. It is as a result of teeth damage or disrupted teeth. Bruxism at night is often associated with intake of caffeine, daytime stress, sleep apnea and anxiety. You need to visit a dentist for treatment if you grind teeth at night because the condition can severely damage your teeth.

Coping Tips

One of the best ways to deal with bruxism is to create a comfortable, quiet and dark sleep environment. You also need to keep work-related devices such as your laptop away from your bedroom. The other way is to try new sleeping positions. You can also ease symptoms by relaxing a few hours to your bedtime, maintain regular bedtime routine and reduce stress. If these tips don’t work, consider visiting a dentist park slope for treatment. Your dentist should offer you an array of treatment options that suit you.


Mouthguards are an effective treatment for patients who grind their teeth at night. Your dentist will give you mouth guards aimed at cushioning your teeth and preventing them from rubbing against each other when sleeping. Your dentist will also customize mouth guards to reduce jaw strain.

Tongue Exercises

Jaw and tongue exercise can significantly aid in maintaining proper jaw alignment. You can try a facial exercise with a physical therapist to align your jaws and prevent bruxism. Try gently massaging your jaw so that your muscles loosen.

Reductive Coronoplasty

It is a dental procedure that is used to level or reshape your teeth’s biting surface. Reductive coronopalsty is often effective for patients whose teeth crooked, misaligned or crooked teeth cause grinding. Your dentist can help with this dental procedure.

The effects of bruxism can be severe if left untreated for long. Therefore, never overlook bruxism even if you think that is not that serious. It may affect how you speak and chew, which messes up with your esteem.

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