Ways to Help your Mental Health over the Winter

As the sunlight hours start to reduce and the clocks go back, many of us can feel low and depressed. At this time of year when winter is setting in lifestyles change and the prospect of months and months of bad weather and dark days can feel overwhelming. If you suffer from low moods and depression, this time of the year can make it worse – but there are ways that you can tackle it. Here are some things to do to help your mental wellbeing this winter…

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Because of the lack of daylight in the winter, we can feel tired and lethargic as well as depressed. It is well known that our brains receive positive stimulation from daylight and the sun, so therefore in the winter we just don’t get as much of it. Lightboxes are a good way to combat this, and people who suffer with SAD (seasonal affective disorder) will often use one of these to help them. Get out and enjoy the sunshine on the brighter days when there is any as this will really help to lift your spirits.

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Immune System

During the winter it is particularly important to help our immune system, and this year in particular as cases of the flu are set to be high after being very low last year due to restrictions on social contact. Make sure that your vaccinations are up to date, especially if you have other health conditions such as diabetes or asthma. Taking vitamin supplements to boost the immune system, like Vitamin C at this time of the year will also help too. Think about lifestyle choices that will boost your immune system too – eating good healthy meals packed with vitamins and cutting back on your alcohol intake are both things that will give your immune system a boost. Exercise will also help to boost your immune system, so if you are not wanting to brave the wintery weather doing outdoor sports, look for classes and places to exercise indoors – from Yoga and Pilates to swimming, there are lots of things available. Keep reading social security death index information.

Keep Busy

It is easy to wallow in a low mood, so try to keep busy. Do activities that are beneficial to you and your home at this time of the year such as having a wardrobe clear out and making sure that you have what you need to feel good during the winter. Get rid of clothes that you no longer wear and treat yourself to some new winter clothes like this Superdry menswear www.ejmenswear.com/men/superdry so that you can feel good whilst the weather is at its worst. You can also spend time enjoying hobbies and learning new skills to help your mental health – learn to sew or knit and you never know you may produce some amazing home made Christmas gifts! Or take up a new hobby such as learning another language or a musical instrument.

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