Garden maintenance you need to undertake

Gardens are beautiful places where we can relax at the end of a hard day’s work and enjoy the sights, sounds and smells that can be found. It is important that we maintain gardens to ensure their health and vibrance. Throughout the year there are some key maintenance tasks that you will need to undertake. To do this effectively you will need a number of pieces of equipment as well as spare  Trailer Parts like the ones from so you can remove all debris from the garden quickly and efficiently.

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Overgrowth – when your plants grow too big, they can become dangerous for a number of reasons. The taller a plant grows the more they will be affected by high winds, and this can cause damage to occur both to the plant and to your property. Plants should be cut back regularly to encourage them to thicken rather than grow to extreme heights.

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Leaves – during the autumn many plants will drop their leaves, and these can become homes for animals such as hedgehogs and  worms. It is important that you carefully check  through any leaves before you dispose of them. This is particularly important if the leaves have been left to pile up for a period of time.

Fencing – over time your fencing will begin to degrade, and this can cause problems with the security of your garden. You should check your fencing at regular points throughout the year and ensure that you paint it with wood paint to keep it intact.


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