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15 ways to improve your mood

Anyone can have ups and downs in life and in those moments we really need helping hand (or helping tools) to improve our mood. Today, I share with you some simple and effective tips...


Popular myths about hair that need debunking

The haircare industry is worth millions, if not billions, across the world. However, sometimes the claims made by product manufacturers are exaggerated. It is worth looking at the science behind some of the popular...


Can you get cancer from oral sex?

There are a lot of myths around sex and health, and one question that is asked quite often is whether it is possible to get cancer from oral sex. Image Credit Interestingly, although you...


How to Choose the Right Workout Clothes

What you wear when you work out is second only in importance to what you do when you work out. Why? Because if you aren’t wearing things that are comfortable or look good, they’ll...


Oral Health and Your Heart

When we think of dental health, rotten teeth is usually the biggest fear. However, gum disease is also a common outcome and, left untreated, gum disease can have a serious knock on effect that...


Thermal Steam: Real Natural Sauna

The thermal vapor warm wet or dry hot are only present in a few places that can offer natural caves of volcanic origin, classified as follows

Natural Lotion for Weight Loss 0

Natural Lotion for Weight Loss

When you think of natural lotions no doubt you think of creams or moisturizers that you apply to the skin. There’s a whole lot more to natural lotions than you suspected. What keeps your...


What are the Most Common Devices Used in Diagnosis?

There are hundreds of different medical devices used in hospitals to help diagnose various diseases, illnesses and medical conditions. Diagnostic devices are important because once the patient has been diagnosed, the doctor can then...

Probiotics foods 0

7 probiotics good for the stomach

Theprobiotics, after years,have gone on to have the importance they deserve in food.They were only taken into account by naturists but fortunately can find anywhere and are accepted “socially” by most people and incorporated...


3 signs its time to have that mole looked at

Approximately 13,500 people are diagnosed with some form of skin cancer in the UK each year. You may be more at risk if you have fair features and/or freckles; have previously been sunburnt; regularly...

Bride with glasses 0

Tips for brides who wear glasses

How are you friend? As you know, I always go “to the rescue” of my friends who are married (love it!), so the other day, Tami came to me with an existential question, “what...