3 Great Products for Enjoying Cannabis On-the-Go

Looking for a cannabis-infused product that you can discreetly enjoy anytime, anywhere? Take a closer look at these products on your next dispensary visit if you’re looking for convenient relief from a variety of symptoms, even while you’re on-the-go.

1. Verano Travelers Pineapple Diesel Disposable Pen

Verano is one of the most trusted names in the Illinois cannabis industry, and they offer a variety of quality products that can be found at your favorite marijuana dispensary Chicago. The Travelers line is purported to be Verano’s superior-quality disposable brand. The Pineapple Diesel pen contains 77.53% THC as well as some balancing CBD, coming in at a little over 9%. Pineapple Diesel is known for its uplifting properties, as well as for providing convenient and discreet stress relief.

2. Rythm Blue Dream Disposable Pen

Rythm is a subsidiary brand of the national cannabis company GTI. The disposable pens from this brand are ideal for discretionary relief on the go, and feature quality medicinal liquid live resin. This pen features the hybrid strain Blue Star. Blue Star is formed from a cross of Blueberry and Haze strains. Blue Dream is said to provide users with relief from conditions like depression or nausea, without sacrificing daytime functionality.

3. Joos Northern Lights Disposable Pen

Northern Lights is a famous strain known as a potent pure Indica. Users love Northern Lights for its soothing properties, providing pain relief as well as a dream-like euphoria. The pen delivers a high amount of THC for your buck. As with other products in the Joos brand, the Northern Lights Disposable Pen features quality oil produced by Nature’s Grace and Wellness, one of Illinois’ premiere cannabis cultivators and extractors.

Cannabis-infused products have transformed the way cannabis is consumed and enjoyed. On your next visit to your favorite dispensary, look for these great products on the menu – you’ll be glad you did!

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