5 more reasons to take iron supplements

Iron is an essential mineral which helps blood move around the body, supports healthy nerve impulse signals, takes nutrients and turns them into energy, and contributes to the maintenance of a strong immune system.

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Consequently, iron deficiency can have a serious impact on various aspects of both men and women’s health. There are many benefits to taking an iron supplement to boost your general health.

For strong skin, nails and hair

Being short of iron leads to sallow or pale skin and more noticeable dark circles around the eyes, as well as brittle, weak nails, and fragile or thinning hair. Stabilising iron levels soon restores good health to all three, however. Iron treatments are available in various forms, with a liquid iron supplement being a popular alternative to the traditional tablet.

To counteract the effect of certain health conditions

Those undergoing treatment for particular conditions such as kidney dialysis (which causes reduced production of red blood cells), stomach ulcers (which result in slow but regular blood loss), Crohns or colitis (where blood is present in stools), are very prone to iron deficiencies.

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To regulate body temperature

Feeling unreasonably cold and shivery is a classic sign of iron deficiency, so once this is restored to something closer to normal, the bodys internal thermometer can be re-set.

To help avoid infections and illnesses

Low iron levels weaken the immune system, which inevitably leaves you vulnerable to infections and minor illnesses such as coughs and colds, which would otherwise be easily avoided.

To boost a meat-free diet

Natural iron sources like red meat are off limits for vegetarians and vegans, and although certain vegetables, like spinach or kale, are rich in iron, it is more difficult for the human body to absorb enough from non-meat sources.

The easiest way to boost your iron levels is through a supplement, and as anaemia tends to be exhausting, the best way to do this is by ordering online, from companies such as https://www.blueiron.co.uk/.

Iron deficiency is a condition which often comes on gradually, but, if left untreated, the various effects can have serious and long lasting consequences for general health. Thankfully, there are easily accessible solutions, such as iron supplements, which can help restore the iron levels essential for good health.

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