How to Shave with Sensitive Skin

Shaving is no problem at all for some men, but those with sensitive skin can find this daily ritual really stressful. If your skin becomes dry, red or sore after shaving, there are some steps you can take to reduce the problem.

How to Shave with Sensitive Skin

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Cleanse your Face

Before shaving, cleanse your skin with warm water and a soap-free cleanser designed for sensitive skin. Soap can tend to strip moisture from your skin, and highly perfumed products can cause adverse skin reactions. Try to wait for ten minutes between cleansing and starting to shave so that your facial skin has time to adjust.

Moisturise before Shaving

Not everyone needs to do this, but men with very sensitive skin may find that applying a moisturiser can prevent irritation. Products that are especially suitable for sensitive skin include aloe oil, almond oil and emu oil. Using any of these before shaving will help the razor blade to glide more smoothly over your face.

Choose the Right Blade

Disposable razors are not ideal for people with sensitive skin. Safety razors should be chosen carefully and the blade should be changed regularly to ensure that it is sharp. A sharper blade needs less force than a dull one, and will glide more easily over the skin. Razor blades should be changed after four or five shaves.

Shave the Right Way

Your choice of shaving foam or gel is important and you should look out for high-quality products that are specially designed for sensitive skin. A wide range of shaving products is available online, from numerous companies such as and others.

Take your time and shave slowly, always in the direction in which the hair grows. After each stroke, rinse the blade thoroughly as this helps to remove as much hair as possible so that you only have to go over each area once.

After Shaving

You need to work out a post-shave routine and stick to it. After you have finished your shave, thoroughly rinse your face with warm water, ensuring that there is no gel, foam or oil still on the skin. Using a clean towel, pat your face dry very gently – never rub. Finally, apply a moisturiser or oil formulated for sensitive skin.

As long as you take your time and follow these steps, shaving should not be such a problem.

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