The Cost of Hiring a Live-In Nanny Cost?

The cost of hiring a live-in nanny can range significantly. Benefits, Room and board, and a background check are some factors to consider. The employment contract should also include payment for overtime. Overtime is typically any working hours over forty hours per week. In this article, you will have a brief overview of how much does a live-in nanny cost?


Adding a live-in nanny to your household is a big decision that will require careful budgeting. Live-in nannies work closely with your children so that they will form a special bond. The best way to find the right nanny for your family is to use an online service that connects families with qualified housekeepers and caregivers. You can even look at nanny tax calculators to see the going rate in your area.

A live-in nanny lives in the family home for the duration of the employment. They often help with small household chores, becoming part of the family. This type of nanny is ideal for families who need flexibility in their childcare schedules. On the other hand, live-out nannies arrive at a set time and leave in the evening. A live-in nanny will not be able to stay with you during the day, so you’ll want to decide how much flexibility you need.


Hiring a live-in nanny can make your life much easier. You won’t have to worry about making the morning rush to the daycare. A live-in nanny will spend all their time with the kids, which means they’ll have more attention than an average nanny. Live-in nannies are also more flexible because they can come and go whenever they’d like. In addition, a live-in nanny will be available to help you with errands and light housekeeping.

If you work long hours, a live-in nanny will be able to work around these hours. Having a live-in nanny also means you can have a social life. In addition, the nanny will be with your children 24 hours a day, which can be great if you’re a busy mom. However, it is essential to keep in mind that live-in nannies have a more extended schedule than those working outside the home. Although the cost of hiring live-in nannies does not increase dramatically, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in your home may increase the monthly expenses. However, the size of your home and water and electricity usage will affect the cost of the nanny’s stay. But, hiring a live-in nanny is advantageous for the entire family. The live-in nanny eats and sleeps where the children are, and they are less likely to distance themselves from their jobs once the workday is over.

Room and board

If you have a live-in nanny, you’re paying more than the average person. In California, for example, you can deduct up to $77 per week or $308 per month as room and board. Whether or not you’re legally obliged to pay room and board depends on the circumstances of your hire. However, you should never have to pay the total amount as the nanny’s salary is subtracted from her overall pay.

Most states have laws restricting the amount you can deduct for room and board for a live-in nutcracker. You can’t remove more than $100 per week in most cases. In most cases, households don’t deduct room and board from a live-in nanny’s income since they see it as a perk of her employment. After all, the nanny provides you with a valuable service by staying in the home.

Background check

The most effective way to perform a background check for a live-in nanny is to conduct a comprehensive search. There are many ways to do this, but the gold standard is to use the County Criminal Records Search, conducted by EBI. This check will uncover misdemeanor and felony records from the candidate’s county of residence. Beyond this, EBI’s background investigators can also check records from every US jurisdiction, including territories. Unlike other background checks, EBI’s comprehensive background checks look far beyond the candidate’s residential history, revealing offenses all over the country. Additionally, EBI’s investigators can confirm any information is in full compliance with the Federal Civil Rights Act (FCRA).

The EBI Multi-State Database contains information about hundreds of thousands of sex offenders in every US state. The database is free and allows you to see if the potential nanny has ever committed a crime. It also contains records from dozens of countries and states. It’s the most effective way to check for criminal offenses and avoid hiring a dangerous nanny for your children.

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