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10 natural remedies against stye

The stye is an annoying eye infection that affects many people. In this article we offer you some natural remedies to prevent and treat the styeer effectively and quickly. The stye is an infection that appears in...

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Inflammation: So many causes, only one mechanism

It is a process that can affect any part of the body and for very different causes, but the basic events are always the same. Arthritis, gastritis, myositis, bursitis, stomatitis, conjunctivitis, colitis, pharyngitis, tendonitis, gingivitis, appendicitis, otitis, cystitis, and...

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Causes of migraine you may not know

Changes in barometric pressure are one of the triggers of migraine. In addition, we can suffer in the course of the weekend, which is the time when the brain relaxes. The headache is so...