Beauty rules born breaker

Sometimes we think that the rules of beauty are like the laws of a country and it is essential to follow them yes or…

Sometimes we think that the rules of beauty are like the laws of a country and it is essential to follow or yes.However, this is not so: there are some rules of beauty born to be broken.You already know what they are.


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1- Wear long hair after a certain age

Why not?Who said that older women cannot wear long hair?This rule beauty, which I find absurd, it is not necessary to follow the letter and everyone can wear your hair as they please, provided you are well groomed.

2- Tweezing Eyebrows only below

This is another rule of beauty that must break immediately, because if you shave just below not only your eyebrows will be unkempt, but also give them the form will achieve more balanced bow.

3- Do not wash your hair every day

You must have read that it is not good to wash your hair every day because that causes dandruff, seborrhea and irritation appears.Well let me tell you, this is another rule that can break, especially if you have oily hair.

4- Braids are for under 30

As with long hair, there is no valid reason for not using a braid the hair be over 30 years reason.If you feel you look good and you look like you have with that hairstyle, go for it!

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5- Color of fingernails and toenails should be the same

This need not necessarily be so, because if you want to paint your fingernails one color and another foot or one of each color, that is your business!No one should tell you how to look your nails.

6- Redheads should not wear red lipstick

An unspoken rule is that no redhead can wear red lipstick.This is not entirely true since many girls with this hair color are very well red lips and take away the pallor of her skin.

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